Password Hacking

Password Spraying Attacks – What They Are & How to Avoid Them

Cybercriminals use the technique of Password Spraying to steal accounts of organizations. Microsoft says more than a third of account compromises are password-spraying attacks.

According to Verizon, 80% of all hacking-related activities involve methods like password spraying – so your organization must stay vigilant. 

Password sprays are mostly done on organizations and have a high success rate. To ensure your business remains safe, this article walks you through everything you need to know about Password Spraying Attacks.  

What are Password Spraying Attacks

Password Spraying is a type of brute force attack. 

But instead of targeting a specific user, device, or account repeatedly, it involves choosing a common password. And then slowly and continually test it against the accounts of an entire organization.

Also known as low-and-slow, Password Spraying Attacks are often undetected as they extend over a period of time. And as a third of customers change their passwords after a data breach, the method works like a charm.      

How do Password Spraying Attacks Work

Password Spraying attacks commonly involve the following three steps:

Step 1 – Collection of Usernames

Photon Research Term discovered that 24 billion + exposed credential pairings of usernames and passwords are available online.

So, the first step is obtaining usernames from the world wide web. And that wasn’t all. Attackers then analyze the organization’s patterns to refine the list.  

Step 2 – Finding Common Passwords

Next, hackers use common passwords freely available on the internet. The sources are endless, from Wikipedia’s 10,000 most common password list to open-source GitHub password repositories.

Attackers don’t stop here! They customize the passwords by using certain factors linked to the organization. From geographical location to their mission & values and regional dialects, wise hackers take advantage of everything. 

Step 3 – Spraying

Lastly, the spraying continues. And that involves hackers finding the correct username and password combination. 

Finding the correct username/password combo depends on an automated system. This system tries one common password with every user. Once all usernames are checked, the method is repeated with the next password, and so on.

To avoid getting banned, the process is carried out slowly and steadily.    

Methods on How to Avoid Password Spraying Attacks

Add Extra Authentication Layers

Since 61% of breaches are attributed to compromised credentials, your company can’t rely on passwords. That’s where extra authentication layers can help.

You can rely on advanced authentications methods like:

  • OpenID
  • MFA
  • TOTP with Email
  • Passkeys
  • Universal TOTP
  • Device/USB/Hardware based

Go Passwordless with Vault Vision to Eliminate Password Spraying Attacks

Stay goodbye to Password Spray attacks by welcoming the next authentication breakthrough: Passwordless Authentication.

With Passwordless Authentication, users can verify their identity without entering a password. It’s easy, fast, and secure compared to traditional password-based authentication. 

At Vault Vision, we strive to provide businesses worldwide with simple & straightforward passwordless products. Our no-code platform enables startups, enterprises, and more to integrate the next wave of authentication easily.

We support all major platforms, frameworks, and apps like:

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  • Webflow
  • Laravel  
  • Zapier
  • PHP
  • Jango
  • Python
  • And more

We support all major and next-gen auth methods like:

Final Words

The famous SolarWind hack originated from an intern using the password solarwinds123. Don’t let your business repeat the same mistake by getting caught by password spray attacks.

Use the methods we have unfolded to avoid password-spraying attacks on your business website/app. And to completely banish them, go passwordless as it’s the future of authentication.

Try Vault Vision to see how you can swiftly integrate advanced passwordless methods into your site with our no-code setups. You can test our services for free by registering yourself for the trial period. Or, go professional for just $25/month.

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