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User Authentication for Web & Mobile Apps

Vault Vision's low code user authentication platform enables modern applications to integrate user auth with passwordless logins in minutes. Start your free 30 day trial now.

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Easy to deploy user authentication solution with our developer and platform integrations
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Authentication Features
Increase login engagement and promote user registration growth with flexible passwordless logins
  • SSO with email
  • Email & password
  • Google login
  • Microsoft login
  • Apple login
  • Multi Factor (MFA) auth
  • Two factor (2FA) auth
  • Universal TOTP auth
  • Device based auth
  • Face id auth
  • Fingerprint auth
  • Pin based auth
  • USB key auth
  • Hardware token auth
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Professional Plan
Up to thousands
of savings
over Auth0
No Credit Card
  • Unlimited Daily Logins
  • Up to 10,000 Daily Users
  • User Management Dashboard
  • Passwordless Auth
  • Google, Microsoft, Apple Auth
  • Device Based Auth
  • Custom Login Page Branding
  • Custom Login Domain/Page
  • Custom Secure Certificate (SSL)
  • Mupltiple Tenants
  • Developer Sandbox
  • Account Setup Support
  • Email Support
Enterprise Plan
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  • Unlimited Daily Logins
  • 10,000+ Daily Users
  • Custom Login Workflows
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Dedicated SLA
  • Dedicated Account Onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Support
Complete Auth Security
Secure Logins
We architected our platform from the ground up for complete security for web and mobile apps, certified and regularly tested by security and industry alliances for total protection of user credentials.
  • OpenID Connect(OIDC) Certified
  • FIDO2 & WebAuthn
  • OAuth2
  • iOS & Android Passkey
  • Apple, Google & Microsoft Login
  • Data Breach Prevention
  • XSS and CSRF Prevention
  • Password Spray Mitigation
  • Email Phishing Resistant
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • Strict Content Security Policy
Open Source Champions
Developer Ready
Our committment to open standards gives you flexibility to use industry certified and/or open source libraries in lieu of low-quality or antiquated developer SDKs. Share with our community and own your data with portability for your users.
  • React Champions
  • Python, Go & Node Integration
  • Webflow Integration
  • FastAuth Deployment
  • Email and Discord Support
  • Open Source Compatibility
  • Dev Sandbox
  • Data Portability and Exportability
  • Open Source Auth SDK's
  • Preconfigured Starter Kits
  • Github Documentation
  • Dark Mode
Zero Third Party Exposure
Eliminate Breaches
We are the only user authentication platform that takes your privacy seriously. We protect your end users' privacy from password hacks and breaches by eliminating use of third-party scripts, sdk's and trackers.
  • Zero Tracking Scripts
  • Zero 3rd Party Cookies
  • Zero PII Cookie Properties
  • Zero iframe Tracking
  • Zero CDN Data Mining
  • Zero Font Data Mining
Low Code Platform
Launch in Minutes
Not technical? No problem. We save you time with pre-conifgured setup so you can focus on growing your login engagement. Use our copy & paste code, preconfigured setup or starter kits.
  • Low Code Support
  • Configurable User Registration Email
  • Pre-packaged Configuration Recipes
  • Github Open-Source Boilerplates
  • Auto Environment Variable Configuration
  • Copy and Paste Config Code
  • Import & Export Users
  • Guided Account Setup Wizard
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Our Customers
Sharing the highest standards for strong and secure authentication
Vault Vision's low code platform makes it possible to pair our strength in security and user authentication to power new user registrations and login engagement.
"I could not wait to get on the Vault Vision Authentication Platform. The passwordless option makes it easy for me and my business to provide customers a better login and authentication experience."
Efi Ben Dor