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How React Developers Secure User Authentication

Vault Vision's user authentication platform and 'FastAuth' Login-as-a-Service enables developers to instantly setup React, Python and Node user logins. If you can git pull and npm install, your web application will be signing up new users in minutes.

World Class Security
Complete protection with webauthn, OAuth2, FIDO2 and certified OpenID Connect (OIDC) integration. Defeat phishing, brute force and automated password spray attacks with Vault Vision's passwordless login as a service technology.
Developer Ready
Instantly upgrade your user authentication with our React-Boilerplate starter kits that are preconfigured and published on Github, and authenticated Webapp Starter Kits for Node, Python & more. Vault Vision is committed to data portability and open source SDK's.
Privacy First
Vault Vision's commitment to privacy means we have zero tracking scripts and third party cookies on our platform. Our privacy-first platform protects you from tracking like iframes, Pii in cookies and remarketing, inclusive of CDN and Font API data mining.
Sign up users in minutes with FastAuth features like prepackaged authentication recipes, Github Open Source React Auth boilerplate and autogenerated environment variable configuration. Get startup with our guided setup and import/export users.
Choose Your Plan
Forever Free Plan
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Includes up to 100 Users
  • Webauthn Integration
  • FIDO2 Integration
  • OpenID (OIDC) Certified
  • React Dev Integration
  • Python and Node Integration
  • Email & Community Support
  • No Credit Card Required
Professional Plan
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Up to 10,000 users
  • Webauthn Integration
  • FIDO2 Integration
  • OpenID (OIDC) Certified
  • React Dev Integration
  • Python and Node Integration
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom SSL
  • Custom Domains
  • Dedicated Support
Complete Authentication Security
Secure User & Login Authentication
Vault Vision enables SaaS startups to easily secure their applications, powered by our industry-leading passwordless 'login as a service' technology, certified by security alliances for user credential protection.
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) Certified
  • FIDO2-first
  • Webauthn and OAuth2
  • Data Breach Prevention (offsite credential storage)
  • XSS and CSRF Prevention
  • Password Spray Mitigation
  • Phishing Resistant
  • Brute Force Attack Prevention
  • Strict Content Security Policy
Developer Ready
Developer-first Solutions & Community
Vault Vision's committment to open standards gives you flexibility to use industry standard and/or open source libraries rather than being stuck with low-quality proprietary SDKs. Learn and share with our community of authentication developers and our platform enables complete data portability for your users.
  • React Champions
  • Python & Node Integration
  • FastAuth Deployment
  • Discord Dev to Dev Support
  • Open Source Compatibility
  • Data Portability and Exportability
  • Open Source Auth SDK's
  • Authenticated Webapp Starter Kits
  • Dark Mode
Privacy First
Your Data & Users is Your Product
Vault Vision is the only authentication platform that takes your privacy seriously. Our platform protects privacy by eliminating use of trackers.
  • Zero Tracking Scripts
  • Zero 3rd Party Cookies
  • Zero PII Cookie Properties
  • Zero iframe Tracking
  • Zero CDN Data Mining
  • Zero Font Data Mining
Quick User Signup with Pre-configured Starter Kits
As the saying goes, 'Time is Money' and Vault Vision Login-as-a-Service enables developers to focus on growing your business. Using our guided setup and preconfigured starter kits, you can get a React, Python or Node SaaS application with user authentication built, configured and deployed in minutes with FastAuth.
  • Pre-packaged Authentication Recipes
  • Github Open-Sourced React Auth Boilerplate
  • Guided Auth Setup Wizard
  • AutoGenerated Environment Variable Configuration
  • Import & Export Users
See How it Works
Guided setup secures you SaaS
application in minutes
Our Customers
Sharing the highest standards for strong and secure authentication
Vault Vision's developer ready approach makes it possible to pair our strength in security with FastAuth powered technology to easy enable authentication and create a seamless registration and user signup experience into your React applications.
"I could not wait to get on the Vault Vision Authentication Platform. The passwordless option makes it easy for me and my business to provide customers a better login and security experience."
Efi Ben Dor