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Face ID Passkey – How Facial Recognition Will Eliminate the Password

Face ID has revolutionized the way we secure our digital identities. With the advent of this technology, passwords are near extinction – and for good. 

As per GoodFirms, 30% of people have experienced a data breach due to weak passwords.

Face ID passkey gives Apple iPhone & iPad Pro users a simple and secure way to sign in without entering passwords.     

In this article, we’ll delve into Face ID passkey. Moreover, how it works, its advantages, and future prospects. 

What’s Apple Face ID Passkey

Apple introduced a new way for users to authenticate themselves with apps & online services at WWDC 2022 – known as passkeys. The feature is available to customers on iOS16, iPadOS 16, and MacOS Ventura.

Apple’s Face ID passkey is only available on devices that support facial recognition. Other devices use fingerprint auth passkey.

With Apple’s Face ID passkey, users can log in and sign up using the Face ID function on their devices. From creating a new account to logging in on an existing service, just a quick facial recognition is needed.

A user doesn’t need to remember any specific codes or passwords when using an Apple Face ID passkey. Interestingly, the private key of the feature never leaves your device. Moreover, it’s backed-up as end-to-end encrypted in iCloud Keychain escrow where even Apple can’t restore it without your input.

When a user creates an Apple Face ID passkey, it’s only linked to that specific website or app. This ensures fool-proof security against fraudulent websites.

How Face ID Passkey Work

Depending on the service, the login/signup method using the Face ID passkey consists of the following steps:

1. Select the account name field on the app or website’s sign-in/sign-up screen.

2. Tap the suggested account near the top of your keyboard.

3. Face ID will automatically verify your identity.

In the background, passkey-supported service creates/uses a key pair. There are two keys, public and private. During the authentication process, the private key on your device signs authentication challanges that can be verified by the public key held by the service to verify your identity.

Face ID passkey requires iCloud Keychain to work. Moreover, two-factor authentication must also be enabled on the respective Apple ID.

How Facial Recognition Will Eliminate Passwords

Consumers are ready to switch from passwords to biometrics. Per a Visa survey, 86% of users are interested in using biometrics

Here are some reasons why facial recognition will eliminate passwords: 

Improved Security

The probability that a random person unlocks your iPhone via Face ID is 1 in 1,000,000, as per Apple.

Face ID boosts the security aspect. Users no longer have to enter a password to gain access to verify their identity.

A hacker will no longer be able to steal your identity as it’s linked to your unique facial features. And with Face ID passkey, your private cryptographic key will always stay on your device locked via your face.  


According to a CyberLink report, 33% of Americans are open to trusting facial recognition for improved convenience.

Face ID is super convenient. Simply look at your device, and you are authenticated – no more wasting time entering passwords.  


Face ID passkey provides easy access to authentication for people with disabilities.

Users with vision, mobility, or cognitive impairments can take full advantage of facial recognition. They just need to look at their devices to sign in or sign-up for websites or apps – fast, easy, and accessible.   


Face ID can be used in a variety of scenarios. The possibilities are limitless, from unlocking phones to authenticating, purchasing apps, and accessing classified data.

From individuals to startups and enterprises, the versatility of facial recognition search makes it one of the most valuable tools.

Future of Face ID Passkey

As per Statista, the facial recognition market is projected to grow by $12.67 billion US by 2028.

Between 2017 to 2019, 64 countries adopted AI surveillance using facial recognition per Statista

And according to NetChoice, Americans want state and local governments to work with law enforcement to improve the use of facial recognition (83%) rather than ban the technology (17%). 

So, it’s safe to say that the mass adoption of Face ID passkey will automatically increase with the popularity of facial recognition.

That said, with increasing advancements and improvements, facial recognition technology is getting better. And with solutions like passkeys, passwordless authentication will become simpler and stronger.   

How Vault Vision Can Help Your Startup to Integrate Face ID Passkey

Want to integrate Face ID passkey into your startup’s website and app? Then, look no further – Vault Vision has you covered.

At Vault Vision, we aim to assist startups with passwordless authentication solutions like Face ID.

We are certified by OIDC. And our services are compatible with FIDO 2, WebAuthn, OAuth2, and passkey. Improve your business security with Face ID passkey, and give your users a frictionless sign-up and login experience.

To go passwordless with Face ID, we provide a no-code setup. That includes:

  • Preconfigured Settings
  • Open-Source Boilerplates published on Github
  • Auto Environment Variables Configuration
  • Guided Account Setup Wizard      

Moreover, we support industry certified and/or open-source libraries like:

  • React
  • Python
  • Go
  • Node
  • Webflow
  • Bubble
  • And more

Final Words

Apple Face ID passkey gives its users a straightforward and secure way to authenticate users. By relying on the feature, customers can go passwordless and enjoy improved security and super convenience. 

Start your free Vault Vision trial without entering your credit card details to integrate Face ID passkey into your business app or website. Also, check out our Professional plan, which costs only $25 per month, or contact us for the Enterprise plan’s quote.,than%20using%20passwords%20or%20PINs

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