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4 Reasons to Use Passwordless User Auth for Vue.js Sites

Pondering about safeguarding your Vue.js websites with traditional password-based authentication? Think twice. 

According to Verizon’s COVID-19 Data Breach Landscape report, over 80% of breaches within the hacking category are caused by stolen or brute-forced credentials.  

Passwords are:

  • Easier to hack
  • Hard to remember
  • A nuisance to create complex ones
  • Cumbersome to manage 

That’s where Passwordless Authentication comes in. 

According to Allied Market Research, The global passwordless authentication market was valued at $12.8 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $40.2 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 12.2% from 2022 to 2031

This article covers what’s Vue.js, what’s passwordless authentication and the reasons to use it instead of the traditional route.

What’s Vue.js?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that lets you build simple and complex user interfaces. Built on top of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, it provides a declarative and component-based programming model.

Vue.js is a lightweight alternative to AngularJS and React. Note that it’s only a front-end framework designed to create single-page pages and user interfaces based on three parameters, View, ViewModel, and Model.      

What’s Passwordless Authentication?

Password-less authentication is an authentication technique that doesn’t require users to enter their passwords manually. This method is simple, secure, and fast – eliminating most risks bundled with passwords.

Passwordless authentication uses possession and biometric factors to verify a user’s identity. Possession means registered smartphones, OTPs, etc. In contrast, biometrics translates to fingerprint, face, voice, and behaviour scans.   

4 Reasons to Use Passwordless User Authentication for Vue.js Sites

Here are five reasons you should opt for passwordless user authentication for your Vue.js site:

No Need to Create, Remember & Manage Passwords

Users choose simple passwords because they are easy to remember. According to Bitwarden, 1 in 3 are more interested in having a password that is easy to remember versus being secure.

But choosing a simple password comes with a severe threat. Weak passwords can be cracked within minutes resulting in data breaches. According to GoodFirms, 30% of users have experienced a data breach due to weak passwords

With passwordless solutions, users don’t have to create, remember and enter passwords. They can verify their identity by using fingerprints, face scans, etc.   

As per Google / Harris Poll, 52% reuse the same password for multiple (but not all) accounts. And as there’s nothing to remember with password-less auth, reusing passwords won’t be a thing.  

According to Beyond Identity, nearly 40% of Americans experience a high level of password fatigue. Password-less authentication eliminates the fatigue that comes with maintaining multiple passwords.

Fast & Easy to Use

Passwordless authentication is seamless. As per Ping Identity, 96% of IT leaders globally say passwordless authentication would create an easier user experience for employees

The password-less technique doesn’t require users to enter their passwords. The verification is done automatically via fingerprint or face scan. So, the process is swift, fast, and easy for customers.

Also, as a business, you want to focus on providing customers with a fast and seamless experience. According to FIDO Alliance, one-third of consumers have reported giving up on accessing an online service one to two times as a result of a forgotten password.

Passwordless authentication is frictionless that’s why it’s favoured by users worldwide. As a user, you don’t have to deal with complications like entering a password explicitly, forgetting it if you don’t remember it, etc.

More Secure Against Cyber Attacks

Password-based systems are getting more compromised than ever. As per Digital Shadows, 65% more passwords were compromised in 2022 than 2020.

With passwordless systems like Passkey, there’s no password involved during verification. The private keys are locally stored on a user’s device behind the security wall of a face or fingerprint scan. 

According to Verizon 2022 DBIR, 63% of social engineering attacks involve compromised credentials such as passwords. With password-less methods, the severity of attacks like password spraying, XSS, CSRF, and email phishing gets blunt. Simply because the bad actors can’t access your possession and inherit factors.

Businesses are adopting passwordless as it provides robust security against security breaches. As per Teleport, 87% of respondents said moving towards a passwordless infrastructure is important or very important.


Passwordless authentication simplifies the process of verifying identities in a scalable manner. 

For instance, the FIDO2 framework has garnered widespread recognition across various industries. This framework supports diverse sources, enabling seamless integration across different platforms and devices. 

Interoperability, a key feature of FIDO2, facilitates the smooth integration of passwordless solutions into existing organizational systems. Rather than dealing with the complexities of managing passwords, organizations can allocate resources toward innovation and expansion. 

The notable advantage lies in eliminating the need to store passwords securely. As user numbers surge, overhead costs can be trimmed through a streamlined passwordless authentication process.

Meet Vault Vision

Vault Vision is a no-code user authentication platform that contains all passwordless solutions. By starting your free trial on Vault Vision, you can add methods like SSO, Passkeys, MFA, etc., on your Vue.js site.

With the help of Vault Vision’s boilerplate, you can copy & paste the code to your Vue.js environment to start the integration. You can create test accounts, try different login solutions, and set up WebAuthn and FIDO tokens seamlessly. 


Thanks to FIDO, Apple, Microsoft, and Google, we are gradually approaching the passwordless future. Today is the right time to get on board with passwordless solutions to help your company and customers experience safe, seamless, and fast logins. Sign-up for Vault Vision for free to start your free trial and integrate passwordless solutions to your Vue.js site now.

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