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Discover 2 Cutting-Edge Types of Biometric Authentication

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding user data has become paramount. Traditional password-based authentication methods have become outdated as more sensitive information is shared and stored online. 

That’s where Biometric Authentication comes in as a reliable solution.

Companies worldwide are embracing biometric authentication to protect their users’ personal data and prevent unauthorized access. This results from 66% of smartphone users willing to use biometrics by 2024, per Mercator.

In this piece, we’ll introduce biometric authentication and its importance to your business. Moreover, we’ll cover 2 types of biometric authentication Vault Vision supports and can integrate these methods into your platform. 

What’s Biometric Authentication

Unlike traditional password-based methods, biometric authentication uses physical or behavioral characteristics to verify a user. Biometric authentication uses multiple mediums to verify a user. This includes eye scans, fingerprint checks, and facial recognition. 

Wondering how a biometric authentication system works? Let’s imagine a fingerprint scan system.

A fingerprint authenticator scans multiple attributes of a user’s fingerprint. Then, it converts and stores it as a unique computer code pattern. Next, when a user scans their finger, the system extracts and compares the data to the one stored in the database. 

By comparing these unique physical or behavioral traits, biometric authentication ensures that only authorized users can access a system, device, or application.

Why Startups & Companies Need Biometric Authentication

The vulnerability of traditional password-based authentication methods is evident. In fact, 80% of hacking-related breaches involve compromised and weak credentials, as per Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report.

Protecting sensitive data is crucial for startups and established companies alike. Biometric authentication offers a secure and convenient solution to verify user identities, ensuring only authorized personnel can access valuable information.

A user can easily forget a password. According to a Google 2019 Study, 52 percent of users use the same password for multiple online accounts. This leads to security breaches and data thefts. Thanks to biometric authentication, it eliminates all such risks. 

While providing high-level security, biometric authentication also ensures a convenient user experience. Users can easily scan their finger, face, voice, etc., and access the system or app without friction.

With the help of biometric authentication, your business can improve its security stance, leading to customer trust and ease. So, whether you own a large corporation or a startup, biometric authentication will help you protect your customers against many security threats. 

Enter Vault Vision – A Seamless Service to Integrate Biometric Authentication 

At Vault Vision, we make biometric authentication easily accessible to businesses and startups worldwide. Our no-code platform enables you to integrate biometric authentication into your websites and apps seamlessly.

We have partnered with industry-leading platforms like React, Webflow, Node JS, Python, etc., to configure effortless no-code biometric authentication and logins. Just copy & paste the code, access preconfigured setup, or use starter kits to get started.

Start your free Vault Vision trial without entering your credit card details. And if you like the service, the Professional plan starts at just $25 per month, providing unlimited daily logins, up to 10,000 daily users, facial and fingerprint authentication, and much more.    

2 Types of Biometric Authentication

Here are two types of biometric authentication Vault Vision provides which are ideal for businesses: 

Passkey Fingerprint Auth

In 2014, Apple and Samsung released their first finger-print enabled phones, the iPhone 5s and Galaxy Note 4. Since then, fingerprint authentication has become the trademark of security.

Passkey Fingerprint is one of the common biometric authentications. This uses fingerprint recognition tech to scan, match and confirm a user’s identity. If the match is successful, a user is given the authentication.

With Vault Vision’s Passkey Fingerprint authentication, your business can safeguard its customers from issues related to passwords & pins and help them log in to your services seamlessly.

Passkey – FaceID

Passkey – FaceID is another strong biometric authentication that completely removes the risk of phishing. Available on Android-based and iOS devices, Passkey – FaceID uses facial recognition to authenticate a user securely.

With Passkey – FaceID, a scan is done on the user’s face. Then, it’s compared to what’s already stored in the database – a digital face profile of the face. If it matches, the user is given the authentication.

CSIS research published in 2020 shows that facial recognition systems can reach 99.97% accuracy in ideal conditions. 

FaceID, now available on almost all smartphones, uses multiple sensors to create a 3D map of a user’s face. This makes it more difficult to fool a system with a 2D image of a person. 

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Final Words

At Vault Vision, we believe implementing biometric authentication is critical in protecting user data. Whether your business uses Passkey FaceID, Multi-Factor authentication, or fingerprint, biometrics is the way forward.

Our no-code user authentication platform is helping businesses worldwide to integrate user authentication with minimal fuss. So, your users can access your service passwordless with utmost safety & security.


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