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3 Reasons to Use Passwordless User Auth for AngularJS Sites

Your company can’t rely on the basic AngularJS HTTP user authentication. Password-based authentication is overwhelming for the customers and risky to manage by IT. 

As per Google / Harris Poll 2019, 75% of respondents get frustrated trying to keep track of their passwords. And as a result, they are using easy-to-guess passwords. For instance, 59% of U.S. adults have incorporated a name or a birthday into their password to an online account.

Enter passwordless user authentication – a new way to make accounts secure, easy to manage, and seamless.

Keep reading to learn about AngularJS, passwordless authentication, and why it matters for your website. 

What’s AngularJS?

AngularJS is a sophisticated front-end framework primarily utilized for crafting dynamic and interactive web applications. With it, you can extend the HTML vocabulary to make the elements dynamic – addressing the main shortcoming of HTML.   

Developers can construct intricate web applications by harnessing AngularJS’s data binding, controller, directives, localization, and reusable components. This framework significantly enhances the efficiency and interactivity of modern websites.

Websites that use AngularJS are:

  • Upwork
  • Cricbuzz
  • Maestro
  • T-Mobile
  • Sling
  • Vanity Fair Archive

Passwordless Authentication 101

Passwordless Authentication is a security enhancement that addresses password-related risks and enhances user experience. By eliminating passwords, it strengthens security measures

With no need to remember passwords or security question answers, users can securely access services using innovative methods:

  • Proximity badges, physical tokens, or USB devices
  • Software tokens or certificates
  • Passkey 
  • Biometrics (fingerprint, voice, facial recognition, or retina scanning)
  • Mobile phone applications
  • SSO

This approach bypasses the weaknesses of traditional passwords. As per Microsoft, across just the first three months of 2019, 44 million accounts were reusing passwords found within those breached credentials databases

Passwordless auth employs possession factors (like devices or tokens) and inherence factors (biometrics) for verification, ensuring robust security. That’s why it’s being widely adopted worldwide. As per Gartner, by 2025, more than 50% of the workforce and more than 20% of customer authentication transactions will be passwordless, up from less than 10% today

Lastly, passwordless logins complement multi-factor authentication and single sign-on solutions, making it a compelling choice for modern identity verification.

3 Reasons to Use Passwordless User Authentication for AngularJS Sites

Unparalleled Convenience

Ever thought how easy it would be for your employees to access your services without entering a password? That’s passwordless authentication for you.

According to LastPass, on average, employees type out login credentials 154 times per month. And it takes 14 seconds to type out an average password, resulting in 36 minutes wasted per month for one single employee

With passwordless authentication, your company can save a chunk of productivity time. No more wasting time entering passwords.

Passwordless authentication benefits not only your employees but your customers too.

According to FIDO Alliance, one-third of consumers have reported giving up on accessing an online service one to two times due to a forgotten password. With solutions like Passkey and SSO, your customers won’t have to enter passwords in the first place, so no more abandonment. 

We, humans, seek easy alternatives in every situation. The same goes when setting up a password.

As per Reader’s Digest, the most common password is “123456.” With passwordless methods, users get the utmost convenience by scanning their fingerprints or faces without compromising security.

Robust Security

Passwords are the root cause behind security breaches. According to Verizon’s COVID-19 Data Breach Landscape, over 80% of breaches within the hacking category are caused by stolen or brute-forced credentials.

On the split side, passwordless authentication mitigates most of the risks associated with passwords. As there’s nothing to steal, it successfully minimizes the risk of the following attacks:

According to LastPass, 91% of people understand that reusing passwords is a security risk. But still, on average, individuals reuse passwords on 10 of their personal accounts, as per Ponemon Institute.

You can’t control the password habits of your customers and employees. As a matter of fact, only half of internet users are somewhat familiar with the best practices of password security, according to Bitwarden. However, you can change the landscape by integrating passwordless solutions.

Passwordless authentication combats various security risks. As per Cybersecurity Insiders, 91% reported that passwordless MFA is important to them for stopping credential theft and phishing.

All-in-all, password-less solutions provide robust security against common and advanced threats.

Eases IT Operations

Storing, managing, and safeguarding the passwords of employees and customers is risky. Companies must keep up with the latest advancements, monitor & track suspicious activities and act accordingly. There’s a lot at stake, as a slight error can lead to a security breach, causing havoc.

With passwordless solutions, the authentication process gets simple as no passwords are involved. A company doesn’t have to secure, hash, manage, and store credentials. In some cases, they only have the public key, whereas the other times relying on social platforms does the trick.

With growing customers, companies don’t have to deal with upgrading servers and hiring more IT staff explicitly. That’s because their passwordless solutions provider caters to all the demands in one go.

Passwordless technologies take away the burden that’s brought about by dealing with passwords. That’s one of the biggest reasons why 65% of IT leaders believe their company will adopt passwordless authentication in the future, as per Ping Identity.  

Vault Vision – A Trusted Passwordless Solutions Provider

Speaking of passwordless authentication providers, Vault Vision proudly serves companies worldwide with bleeding-edge methods to secure their web and apps.

You can easily integrate Vault Vision into your AngularJS website using our boilerplate code within seconds. Or, you can use the guided account setup wizard. Then, you can experiment by adding multiple passwordless solutions.

At Vault Vision, we provide Social OpenID, Passkey, Email, and Device-based passwordless solutions.   

Final Words

Passwordless technologies will make your AngularJS user authentication hub more secure and convenient. Sign-up for Vault Vision now and start your free trial without entering your credit card details.

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