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2 Reasons to Use Passwordless User Auth for Laravel

Setting Laravel site or app for your business? You must be looking to add a user login system to authenticate your customers and employees. But before you think of using password-based authentication, note that 75% of Americans are frustrated with passwords.

This article covers 2 significant reasons to opt for passwordless user auth for Laravel. But before that, let’s explore…  

What’s Laravel?

Laravel, a PHP web framework, blends expressive syntax with robust functionality. Its clean code approach enhances developer experience, letting you craft full-stack apps with PHP and Livewire. 

For the front end, pair it with React or Vue via Inertia or serve as a backend API for Next.js and mobile apps. Laravel nails common web app needs out of the box, from email verification to rate limiting. 

Testing is a breeze with elegant APIs and browser testing. With Laravel Octane and Vapor, performance scales limitlessly. An open-source framework, Laravel streamlines PHP app development, making security a priority and code maintainability a delight.

2 Reasons to Pick Passwordless User Auth for Laravel

Top-Notch Security

Security breaches loom larger than ever, demanding innovative solutions to safeguard sensitive data. 

Enter passwordless authentication, a revolutionary approach that promises to elevate your organization’s security to new heights. According to the Yubico Report Ponemon 2020 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors, 55% of US respondents believe passwordless authentication could enhance their organization’s security.

The essence of passwordless authentication lies in its departure from conventional password reliance. Instead, it leverages cutting-edge alternatives like possession and inherence factors for identity verification. 

Possession factors encompass:

  • One-time passwords
  • Registered smartphones
  • Hardware tokens

Inherence factors include:

By discarding human-readable passwords, passwordless authentication deals a decisive blow to cyber threats. It strengthens your security defenses. It prevents brute-force attacks, credential stuffing, keyloggers, and insidious man-in-the-middle attacks. 

A standout example is Multi-Factor Authentication, which, as affirmed by Microsoft, shields against a staggering 99.99% of modern automated cyberattacks.

Another reason to embrace passwordless is the vulnerability of traditional password systems is starkly evident. 

A mere 50% of internet users grasp best password practices, as per Bitwarden, leaving room for human error and weak passwords that facilitate breaches. Passwordless solutions provide a remedy by eliminating passwords. This means no more struggling to remember complex passwords or to manage them across multiple accounts. 

Passwordless authentication emerges as a beacon of resilience in a landscape rife with password-based system compromises. Digital Shadows said compromised passwords surged by 65% from 2020 to 2022. Passwordless solutions like Passkey redefines authentication, ensuring private keys remain securely stored on users’ devices, guarded by biometric scans.

Businesses are pivoting towards passwordless authentication with good reason. As highlighted by Teleport, 87% of respondents emphasize the importance of transitioning to a passwordless infrastructure. The shift signifies a commitment to robust security practices and a profound understanding of the evolving threat landscape.

In essence, passwordless authentication isn’t just a security upgrade; it’s a paradigm shift that nullifies vulnerabilities, empowers users, and ushers in a new era of digital protection. With passwordless solutions in your arsenal, you’re not just defending against breaches but fortifying your organization against the relentless tide of cyber threats.

Handy to Use

Imagine a world where passwords no longer burden your customers and employees. 

According to Ping Identity, 96% of IT leaders globally, including those in Australia, believe passwordless authentication would significantly enhance the user experience. This paradigm shift provides a seamless identity verification process, supported by various integration options such as passkeys, MFA, SSO, and biometrics.

The impact of passwordless authentication on user engagement is remarkable. Web Hosting Buzz Survey highlights that 86% of users find creating new accounts vexing, while 77% advocate for Social Login solutions. By embracing passwordless authentication, you curtail bounce rates and offer a straightforward experience that sidesteps the hassle of setting, recalling, and validating passwords.

Traditional passwords are a nuisance, with 79% of internet users logging in multiple times daily. Bitwarden’s insight underscores this annoyance. However, with passwordless methods, users can authenticate with a simple fingerprint or face scan, avoiding the repetitive and sluggish process of password input.

The relief from password-related frustrations extends to cart abandonment rates. FIDO reports that 58% of consumers abandon carts due to login woes, a situation remedied by the swift nature of passwordless methods.

Amid rising security concerns, passwordless authentication shines bright. Ponemon Institute reveals that over 55% of users yearn for password-free protection. Moreover, passwordless authentication eliminates the need for password management, storage, and reset flows, freeing businesses from the complexities of safeguarding passwords.

HubSpot emphasizes that 68% are willing to invest more in companies with excellent customer service records. Passwordless authentication aligns with this sentiment, offering a hassle-free verification process that negates the need for lengthy forms and password fatigue.

In a world where time is of the essence, passwordless authentication emerges as the antidote to cumbersome processes. Help Net Security’s data reveals that 48% of consumers are frustrated by lengthy log in forms. By adopting passwordless solutions, you cater to this need for swiftness, securing your users’ data and loyalty.

Ultimately, passwordless authentication isn’t just a convenience; it’s a revolution. With its potential to save time, enhance security, and boost user engagement, it’s a choice that resonates with modern users and businesses alike.

Final Words

Embracing passwordless user authentication for Laravel presents a transformative approach for two compelling reasons – security and user experience. Vault Vision offers a free account to help you seamlessly integrate passwordless solutions to your site. We offer a free trial. All you need to do is just register a free account.

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