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Why Next.js Sites Need Passwordless User Auth & Login

Next.js supports static generation and server-side user authentication patterns. However, as passwords are getting dated, you must think twice before opting for a password-based verification system.

Passwordless authentication will rule the future due to its security and ease of use. As per a Security Magazine article, 92% of businesses believe going passwordless is the future.

Keep reading to learn about Next.js, passwordless authentication, and why you should use it for your Next.js site. 

What’s Next.js

Next.js is an open-source full-stack web development framework based on React by Vercel. This framework extends the latest React features and uses Rust-based JavaScript tools for creating wonderful web apps.

Next.js comes with features like:

  • Built-in optimizations
  • Dynamic HTML streaming
  • React server components
  • Data fetching
  • CSS support
  • Client and server rendering
  • Route handlers
  • Middleware
  • Node.js and Edge runtimes
  • Advanced routing and nested layouts

What’s Passwordless Authentication

To understand the passwordless route, let’s first quickly go through the three factors involved in user authentication:

  • Knowledge – something you know – passwords, security questions, and more
  • Possession – something you have – certificates, hardware tokens, OTPs, etc.
  • Inherence – something you are – biometrics, voice scan, behavior patterns, etc.

Passwordless auth removes the knowledge factor and focuses on possession and inherence. A user verifies their identity by a possession factor like a hardware token, authenticator, etc., or inherence like a face or fingerprint scan. No passwords are involved in the process.

4 Reasons to Use Passwordless User Auth for Next.js Sites

Here are four reasons why you should use passwordless authentication on your Next.js sites:

Top Notch Security

Passwords are weak, predictable, and hackable. According to Verizon Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, 81% of hacking-related breaches used either stolen or weak passwords.

On the other hand, passwordless authentication replaces passwords to provide a strong defense against any illicit activity. This technique uses two or more verification factors secured and encrypted locally on a user’s device. And as the credentials never leave the device, several security threats like phishing are minimized.

Password-less tech eliminates the main component of password from the security equation. According to Microsoft, when you use multi-factor authentication with passwordless solutions, 99.99% of risks are neutralized.

A passwordless credential is locally stored on a customer’s device, so the chances of it getting stolen are less. Indeed, a bad actor may spoof a person’s body parts like fingerprints, face, etc., but they’ll require the custody of the device first.

Save Time & Money on Password Resets

Humans are bound to forget passwords. As per a study by HYPR, more than three in four users admitted to forgetting a personal password and having to reset it within the past 90 days

And do you know how much time it takes to reset a password? According to ExpressVPN, the average person spends nearly four minutes resetting their password whenever they forget it. As for employees, it’s 11 hours per year.

That time translates to a loss of $480 worth of productivity each year per employee, as per Beyond Identity.  Not only that, The average firm spends $5.2 million a year on setting and resetting passwords, according to HYPR

So, why spend the time and money of your company, its employees, and its customers when you can shun the issue once it is for all using passwordless authentication?

As passwordless authentication doesn’t involve a password, there’s nothing to forget and reset. A user’s private credentials are stored on their device in cryptography and can be unlocked via biometrics, USB, security tokens, etc.

Less Burden on IT

Passwords bring a whole mania of troubles for IT people. From resetting passwords to blocking suspicious logins and hashing credentials, they must take care of many elements to keep the security intact.

Passwordless solutions remove the burden from IT by eliminating the need to issue, secure, rotate, reset, and manage passwords. No passwords mean they just have to keep the passwordless provider in check as per the latest demands of the company. 

Improved User Experience

Passwords are a thing of the past as the process is tedious and slow. According to Help Net Security, 48% of consumers say they are frustrated by having to fill in long login or sign-up forms, and 83% have abandoned their cart or sign-up attempt entirely due to an arduous login process.

Thanks to passwordless auth, your customers don’t have to waste time filling in long sign-up forms. With a few clicks, they can sign in using their social accounts like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

We live in a fast-paced world where things happen in a blink of an eye. Passwordless security ensures customers and employees experience a fast, seamless, and secure verification process.

An improved user experience will make your customers happy. And as per the 2021 Achieving Customer Amazement report, one in four customers are willing to pay up to 10% more in almost every industry if they know they’ll receive excellent customer service.

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Final Words 

Without a doubt, passwordless authentication will soon replace traditional password-based systems. Join the movement now by starting your free trial at Vault Vision to test our multiple password-less solutions.,individual%20password%20reset%20costs%20%2470.

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