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How To Get A Killer Login Page For Your Website

Demonstrate your business’s value by giving your users what they want most when they click ‘login’… log them in fast and hassle free!

Why delay getting your users from entering your online marketplace by tossing out outdated challenges or popup questions for your users to click past? You’ve gotten their attention and piqued their curiosity enough to get them to go to your site, don’t lose that momentum or diminish their excitement and eagerness to buy with delays or obstacles like asking for demographics or email addresses. Let them walk right into your store and have a look around first.

Awesome websites get users logged in quickly signifying respect for that user’s time as well as true appreciation for technical advancements that improve experiences. Our modern lives don’t have time to waste with silly password questions or clicking on pictures to prove we aren’t robots. We want to get in and out fast, keep our information secure and safe, and we want to feel good about spending our hard earned money. So set your site apart from your competition, give your users a frictionless login experience, give them a passkey option.

Killer Logins Are In Your Budget

You might be asking, why should you change what you’ve already got established? To which I would ask, what makes your login experience stand out from your competitors? Also, how are you addressing the threat of online attackers and cybersecurity? Lastly, what can you do to improve user engagement? Integrating a passkey login is the answer.

  • Passkeys are the latest authentication technology available. Recent adopters of Apple, PayPal, Google, and Microsoft have opened the door wide for the rest of us, just by implementing passkeys in their platforms.
  • Passkeys are based on FIDO Authentication, which is proven to be resistant to threats of phishing, credential stuffing, and other remote attacks. You can’t say that about passwords.
  • Passkeys make the authentication experience more consistent across many of the user’s devices – a simple verification of their fingerprint or face, or a device PIN, the same simple action that consumers take multiple times a day to unlock their devices.

But how much will this cost?

You’ve got some options. Hiring an authentication provider like Vault Vision to handle all of your development and authentication management is the most economical path to not only get passkey logins on your site, but to do so fast. What takes our competitors weeks or months, we’ve designed Vault Vision to integrate in minutes in most cases.

Yes, you could hire a team of developers to build a passkey authentication in-house. If your budget is unlimited and time is not an issue, that is certainly your choice. However if you are feeling a sense of urgency to be one of the first in your industry to have a passkey login option and you don’t have the budget of Apple or Google or Microsoft, hiring a provider who is an expert in the field, utilizing all of the most advanced authentication technologies, and whose work is based on FIDO Alliance authentication standards, to be resistant to threats of phishing, credential stuffing, and other remote attacks -is the smartest and budget friendly choice.

How do users use passkeys?

When a user is asked to sign-in to an app or website, the user approves the sign-in with the same biometric or PIN that the user has to unlock their phone, computer or security key device. Simply put, users use their face, fingerprint, or a pin of their choosing to login to your site.

Your app or website can use this mechanism instead of the traditional and insecure username and password to authenticate and let them free to use your site. Passkeys are easy and, dare I say, fun to use! They even enable users to access their sign-in credentials on many of their devices, even new ones.

  • No more ridiculously long passwords that also need to be changed every 90 days
  • No more login interruptions

Passkeys are the future of logins, the question is, how long will you wait to offer this easy, affordable, and secure option for your users?

Make your login page stand out and give your users a killer experience that accelerates your business and raises the bar for others to follow. Request a demo from Vault Vision today!

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