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6 Reasons to Use Passwordless User Auth for React Sites

Are you setting up your React app or site? You’ll certainly not want to use passwords. As per Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report, 81% of data breaches are because of poor password security.  

Password-based security is getting weak, outdated, and unreliable. 

According to GoodFirms, 30% of users have experienced security breaches due to weak passwords. And as per Bitwarden’s World Password Day 2022 survey, 44% of people rarely reset their passwords.

That’s where passwordless user authentication comes in. It helps users verify their identity without using a password. As per Allied Market Research, the global passwordless authentication market is projected to reach $40.2 billion by 2031.   

This article features six reasons you should use passwordless user authentication for React sites.   

What’s React?

Developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), React.js is a front-end open-source JavaScript web framework.

With React, individuals and companies can build beautiful & dynamic user interfaces. This framework uses individual pieces called components to create different elements of the website.

Some of the famous companies that use React are:

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Yahoo!
  • Airbnb
  • The New York Times
  • Dropbox
  • Atlassian
  • Microsoft     

Top 6 Reasons to Use Passwordless User Auth for React Sites

Here are the top 6 reasons you should opt for passwordless user authentication for React sites:

Unparalleled Security

According to Yubico Report Ponemon 2020 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors, 55% of US respondents believe that passwordless authentication would increase the security of your organization’s authentication processes

Passwordless authentication uses secure alternatives like possession, biometrics, and magic links to verify a user’s identity.

Possession factors include:

  • One-Time-Passwords
  • Registered Smartphones
  • Hardware Tokens

Biometrics include:

  • Fingerprint
  • Retina
  • Face 
  • Behavioral traits   

Passwordless auth is harder to crack and less prone to cyberattacks as it doesn’t rely on human-readable data. So, the system blocks brute-force attacks, credential stuffing, keyloggers, and man-in-the-middle attacks. 

For instance, Multi-Factor Authentication, a type of passwordless method, blocks 99.99% of modern automated cyberattacks, as per Microsoft.

Easy to Use

Imagine a scenario where your customers and employees don’t have to remember, manage and enter passwords.

According to Ping Identity, 96% of IT leaders globally and in Australia say passwordless authentication would create an easier user experience (UX) for employees.

With passwordless authentication, your employees & customers can verify their identity seamlessly. Here are some of the popular methods you can integrate to get started:

Eliminating passwords will unburden your audience from multiple password fatigue like changing, managing, storing, and entering.    


The stakes of security grow with your organization. Your company needs to ensure that the credentials of the users are safe & secure. However, with traditional passwords, it can get cumbersome.

Passwordless authentication is better at scalability as there’s no need to manage & store raw passwords explicitly on your end. The service you have opted to provide the services will take care of your needs.    


Passwordless authentication is considered super fast relative to a traditional password-based system. 

Users can authenticate themselves by scanning their fingerprints, face, etc. – no need to manually enter anything. Or, with a single click, they can authenticate themselves to multiple platforms via a single authenticator, also known as SSO.

There are a bunch of passwordless solutions that help users achieve a faster sign-in experience. This eliminates entering passwords, re-entering, creating a new one, etc.   

Better User Experience

A convenient and user-friendly sign-in experience translates to much higher conversion rates. 

According to Web Hosting Buzz Survey, 86 percent of users report being bothered by having to create new accounts on websites. The same survey states 77 percent of respondents say that Social Login is a good solution that should be on any site. 

With passwordless authentication, users are less likely to bounce from your website thanks to the straightforward authentication experience. They no longer have to set passwords, remember them, and verify themselves multiple times.  

Less Stressful for IT Admins

Humans are bound to make errors.

Microsoft found that over 40 million users were re-using passwords. And as per Google’s 2019 Harris Poll, almost two-thirds of people use the same password across multiple accounts

The studies above decode one outcome, too much pressure on IT admins to keep user accounts safe & secure.

However, with passwordless authentication, all password-related issues vanish. As there are no passwords involved, IT admins won’t have to spend time & ample amount of resources to make up for human mistakes. 

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Final Words

92% of businesses believe that passwordless authentication is the future. Say farewell to password-based user logins and welcome next-gen solutions like Social Login with OpenID and Passkeys to provide customers with a seamless, fast, and secure sign-in experience.

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