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5 Ways Vault Vision Eliminates Security Breaches

As per National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small businesses fold within 6 months of a cyber attack.

With cyberattacks rising, companies must set proactive measures to protect their user’s sensitive data.

In today’s article, we’ll learn 5 ways how Vault Vision can help your company eliminate security breaches. 

1. Passwordless Login Options

Passwordless login options are the future. Nearly 33% of IT departments have already adopted passwordless authentication, as per IDG Report.

Passwordless authentication allow users to prove their identity to a service without entering a password. This is possible via possession factors like biometrics (fingerprint, face, or retina scan), OTPs, registered smartphones, etc.

With no passwords involved in the authentication, passwordless login options provide a safe, secure, and sound way to authenticate.

At Vault Vision, we provide two advanced passwordless login options:

OpenID Connect – Google/Microsoft/Apple

OpenID Connect lets your customers sign-up/sign in to your service via their Google, Microsoft, or Apple account. With a single click, your customers can create an account/log in to your service using their trusted identity provider.   

Passkey – FaceID/TouchID/Pin    

Passkey is a digital credential available on Google Android and Apple devices that lets you authenticate using biometrics like face scan, fingerprint, and PIN. Without entering a password, your customers can authenticate to your service using biometrics/PIN available on their device.  

We have officially partnered with OpenID Connect and Apple & Android Passkey to provide you with passwordless login options.

2. No Third-Party Scripts, SDKs, or Trackers

Data breaches stem from attacks like XSS and CSRF, Password Sprays, Email Phishing, and Brute Force. And the enablers behind these attacks are third-party scripts, SDKs, and trackers.

We at Vault Vision take the privacy of our customers seriously! That’s why our platform never use:

  • 3rd Tracking scripts
  • 3rd Party Cookies
  • PII Cookie Properties
  • iFrame Tracking
  • CDN Data Mining
  • CDN Font Mining

Vault Vision authentication solutions reduce the attack surface area by not relying on third-party scripts, SDKs, and trackers. This gives you the highest protection against hackers exploiting your website/app. 

With high-grade privacy measures, your customers will feel safe and trust your business. And that will result in customers spending more.

3. Advanced Authentication Layers

Apart from going passwordless, your company can eliminate security breaches by planting advanced authentication layers. This means once the user has entered their password, they’ll go through one or more checkpoints to prove their identity.

At Vault Vision, we provide two types of authentication:

Multi-Factor (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, requires users to provide two verifications to access their account. This layer helps an organization enhance its security by requiring users to provide more than just a username/email and password.  

With MFA, a user has to enter their correct username and password. Then further verify using OTPs, fingerprints, facial recognition, voice, retina, or other biometrics.

Microsoft says user accounts are more than 99.99% less likely to get compromised using MFA

Primarily, the 2FA layer uses TOTPs to authenticate the users. Users who receive an TOTP on their phone/email must enter it to verify their identity.  

Some Two-Factor Authentication services also use Universal TOTP. This time-based code is usually connected via an authenticator app like Google Authenticator.  

4. Other Types of Authentication Methods

To crack down on security breaches, your company can also opt for Device, USB, and Hardware-based authentications. At Vault Vision, we are proud to support all these authentication methods.

Lastly, we support devices built with a specialized hardware chip. These devices work with smartphones, web browsers, and apps that support FIDO to authenticate users. 

5. Regulated & Certified by Security Giants

Vault Vision is certified, regulated, and tested by top security pioneers to provide high-grade security from the ground up. We have successfully partnered up with industry giants to provide your business with world-class passwordless solutions.

Unlike other user authentication providers, we are officially partnered with companies leading passwordless initiatives like:

  • OpenID Connect
  • FIDO2

Final Words

Staying observant of security breaches won’t cut it for your business, as they are gaining daily momentum. You have to start thinking outside of the box by implementing passwordless authentications.

We at Vault Vision provide 5 ways you can eliminate security breaches and help your company stay on track. From using advanced authentication layers to using passwordless methods, you have many choices.

Check out our Professional Plan for free to get unlimited daily logins, a user management dashboard, a developer sandbox, access to next-gen auth methods, and more.

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