What is OIDC & How Google, Apple & Microsoft OIDC Can Be Used On Your Site

75% of Americans, according to a Google survey, struggle to track their passwords. The same survey says that 66% use the same password for multiple online accounts. 

The demand for convenience in today’s digital world is increasing. But unfortunately, individuals and companies are prioritizing it over security measures. Thus, we see a rise in data breaches, identity thefts, and more.  

Adopting robust identity verification mechanisms is getting critical with every passing minute. To stay ahead, companies have to ensure top-notch security and privacy of data.

OIDC is at the forefront of modern-day authentication technology. It helps businesses and startups to create a seamless, convenient, and secure authentication experience for their customers.

In this piece, we’ll introduce you to OIDC, how it works, its benefits, types, and how we at Vault Vision can help you integrate it to enhance your company’s security & user experience.     

What’s OIDC

According to Google, 24% of Americans have used the following common passwords:

  • abc123
  • Password
  • 123456
  • Iloveyou
  • 111111
  • Qwerty
  • Admin
  • Welcome

We know it gets tough to remember a dozen of passwords. That’s why people just type in the most common words.

But what if your users didn’t have to create a separate username & password for your website or app? Wouldn’t that be convenient and secure?

OIDC stands for OpenID Connect. An authentication protocol that enables users to identify themselves using their existing accounts.

With OIDC built-in, a website or an app lets a user verify & authenticate their identity using services like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. This way, they don’t need to create a new account from scratch and remember its details.

How OIDC Works

According to one Microsoft study, 44 million users had the same password for multiple accounts. Thanks to OIDC, businesses no longer have to worry about their users setting weak & re-used passwords.

With OIDC, your customers can sign-up or log in to your service using their Google, Microsoft, or Apple account. They just need to click the relevant button, confirm & choose their Google/Microsoft/Apple account, and it’s all set & done!

Once OIDC authentication is done, your application will receive a unique identifier from us as the OIDC provider. Then, it’ll be used to associate this customer identity with access to appropriate resources.

Benefits of OIDC

Enhanced User Experience

OIDC’s seamless authentication process greatly enhances the overall user experience. Thanks to OIDC, users can log in/signup for a service with a single click or tap – no need to re-enter credentials. 

This leads to higher engagement, less friction, and happy customers.


OIDC was made to be friendly to both users and developers. Your service developers can trust our certified OIDC platform to integrate the your application and to integrate with other providers like Google, Apple and Microsoft. At Vault Vision, we are making it effortless with our state-of-the-art, no-code setup.

Advanced Security

OIDC uses advanced security protocols and encrypted communication channels to transmit user data and authentication tokens. Trusted by big tech corporations like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, OIDC ensures user data doesn’t get intercepted.   

How Vault Vision offers an excellent solution for OIDC

At Vault Vision, we help businesses and startups create easy, fast and secure OIDC user authentication & logins. Our no-code platform is tailored to provide your websites and apps with seamless OIDC user identification setups.

From the ground up, we are built to provide top-notch security for modern-day applications and websites. Moreover, our service is certified, trusted, and regularly scrutinized by leading security heads of the tech industry.

We are certified by OpenID Connect to help your business drive user registration and login engagement. 

Our service supports OIDC – Google auth, OIDC – Microsoft auth, and OIDC – Apple auth.       

Three Types of OIDC Vault Vision Offers

OIDC – Google auth

According to the Google OIDC adoption report, as of October 2020, over 1 billion users have signed in to websites using Google OIDC.

We support OIDC – Google auth to help your customers easily sign into your services with their Google account. They just need to tap the Google sign-up/login button and select their account to complete the authentication. 

OIDC – Microsoft auth

Microsoft OIDC adoption has grown to 60% in 2020, up from 42% in 2019, according to the 2021 Thales Access Management Index.

Microsoft is another tech giant with a massive following among users. That’s why, at Vault Vision, we provide seamless integration of OIDC – Microsoft auth.

Your customers can use their Microsoft account details to effortlessly sign in to your service. 

OIDC – Apple auth

Apple OIDC is widely used in the iOS ecosystem, and as of June 2021, there were 1.65 billion active Apple devices worldwide.

How can we forget Apple? At Vault Vision, we are proud to have the license of OIDC – Apple auth. 

Your customers can now use their Apple ID to authenticate themselves with just a single tap. 


OIDC is one of the most essential authentication technologies for modern-day user verification. Especially for startup and business owners, OIDC completely revamps the user registration and login engagement experience.   

At Vault Vision, we provide out-of-the-box support for Webflow, Python, React, Go, Node, and more to help your company integrate OIDC. We provide no-code setups for OIDC – Google, Microsoft, and Apple for easy set-up of fast & secure passwordless logins.

Try out our free plan – no credit card is required! Or you can check out our Professional Plan and Enterprise Plan if you want to take things up a notch.


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