passkey User Authentication

Passwordless User Logins in One Click with Passkey Authentication

Vault Vision recently launched passwordless logins powered by passkey technology making it one of only user authentication platforms to not require a password for setup and integration, and for user registration and logins after deployment. A recent study from Google found that 75% of Americans are frustrated with passwords and 43% have shared their password with someone else. Passkey authentication aims to solve an inherent weakness in passwords with support from Apple, Google and Microsoft that enables secure and convenient logins on all modern browsers and devices.

For web and mobile application users, the integration of passkey authentication in Vault Vision’s user authentication platform provides the easiest user registration and login experience. Armed with a single tap or click, users are able to register into applications with facial recognition, touch or fingerprint and pin based verification, drastically speeding up the user acquisition process and removing the password setup friction of the past. For recurring user logins, passkey makes it even easier to sign into an application with a single tap or click, improving user engagement and retention. Removing passwords from the user signup and login experience will drive significant increase in new and engaged application users.

Passkey User Login Experience by Vault Vision

For developers and non-technical founders, Vault Vision’s no code platform makes account setup easy with a passwordless user authentication integration for your website or app. The easy setup experience enables non-technical founders to start the setup in seconds and deploy soon thereafter with pre-filled setup configs and environment variables. For seasoned developers, Vault Vision offers developer sandboxes and open source SDK’s hosted on Github to satisfy deeper customization needs or specifications.

Passkey Developer Signup Experience by Vault Vision

Vault Vision’s passkey authentication is a commitment to serving startup and founder needs with a technology platform that prioritizes ease and speed to market with no code solutions.

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