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User Auth News: Apple Releases Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Support

The latest news on identity access management, login and user authentication management for January 2023 is led by two industry stalwarts, Apple and Microsoft.

Apple has released iOS 16.3, an update to its operating system that adds the ability to use physical security keys for two-factor authentication, USA Today

Microsoft Exec on Why FIDO Authentication Beats Certificates, Bank Info Security

Multi-factor authentication fatigue attacks are on the rise: How to defend against them, CSO Online

The Security Vulnerabilities in Magic Links Authentication, Vault Vision

Bitwarden acquires to help companies authenticate users without passwords

How I Built a Static Website with User Authentication and Dynamic Database for Free, Hackernoon

FIDO Pushes Password Replacement as MFA Bypass Attacks to Surge in 2023, SDXCentral

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