Top Webflow Apps for Nimble Start-Ups

According to Webflow, your website should be your marketing asset, not an engineering challenge.

Webflow makes it super-easy to develop a website by using simple visual elements with no code – a dream for nimble startups. With Webflow apps, businesses don’t need to spend time & money hiring expensive developers to create a website. 

And the best is to add advanced functionalities to a site; a business can add relevant apps from Webflow’s store, just like installing an app on a smartphone.

This article covers the top 10 Webflow apps that’ll give your startup website superpowers. But let’s start with the basics first.

What’s Webflow

Of the top 1 million websites, around 9,700 are using Webflow. By using this no-code website builder, anyone can create an enterprise-level professional website minus the dev time.

It allows anyone to create, collaborate, design, and scale business websites. As it uses a visual canvas, no coding experience is required! 

From CMS to e-commerce, animations, and security, Webflow lets you build almost everything. Other products of Webflow include hosting, SEO, editor, logic, and memberships.      

What are Webflow apps?

With Webflow apps, you can supercharge your startup website with advanced functions. Widgets, customer review management, adding web filters, and you name it, there’s an app for everything. And they follow the one golden rule – “no code required.”   

Top 10 Webflow Apps for Start-Ups

Here are the top 10 apps you must consider for your website:

1. Vault Vision

One-click passwordless logins & authentications are the future. And if you want your startup to be part of that secure and fast future, Vault Vision is the way forward!

Vault Vision is an easy, fast, and secure platform that enables startups to authenticate their users. We take pride in partnering with Webflow to help startups easily add passwordless solutions with our custom no-code setups.

Strong, simple, and secure authentication is what we thrive on. Start your free plan and add our no-code app to your Webflow site today!     

2. Jetboost

Webflow’s CMS is outstanding. But with the Jetboost app, you can make it even more robust. Trusted by top Webflow agencies, Jetboost lets your website visitors filter, search, and save CMS content.

Jetboost provides features like: 

  • Dynamic filtering 
  • CMS item favoriting 
  • Advanced pagination 
  • Dynamic sorting 
  • Real-time & on-page search 
  • And more 

And on top of that, you can use Jetboost’s easy step-by-step instructions to deploy its no-code setup.

3. Nocodelytics

Tracking your customers can help you analyze your visitors and make changes accordingly. Nocodelytics does just that. With this app, you can easily track your website visitors, get valuable insights and grow your business.

Integretable with the Webflow ecosystem, Nocodelytics comes with a simple-to-use dashboard. It lets your business seamlessly track customers’ clicks, forms, collections, and more.

The app lets you choose metrics that matter the most and break down data into different categories to give your company the edge.       

4. Monto – Apps for E-commerce

Is your business related to Ecommerce? Then you have to check out Monto.

Monto is your one-stop E-commerce solution to:

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Product Reviews
  • Simple Subscriptions
  • Affiliates & Referrals 
  • CRM Software

You can use the whole suite of Monto apps or activate them individually, depending on your business needs.

For installation, you just have to copy-paste a single header script, and that’s it – Monto is at your service.   

5. Datamaker

Solve code, create powerful copies, and generate amazing blog posts with Datamaker. This app lets you understand the underlying Webflow code and research like a pro to create stunning copy and blogs.  

6. CMS Sync

Syncing your data to Webflow via Zapier or Make is complicated – not to mention the API errors. That’s where CMS Sync by PowerImporter comes in handy.

CMS Sync lets you easily sync your data with Webflow from Airtable, WordPress, Notion, and more. By converting your data to support all CMS field types, it also automatically detects changes and instantly updates your Webflow CMS.

With unlimited syncing between apps, support of all CMS field types, and simple installation, CMS Sync is one of the best Webflow apps for startups.    

7. Smartarget Whatsapp – Contact Us

According to Statista, as of Jan 2022, WhatsApp had around 2 billion, monthly active users. So, it’s safe to say that your customers also use the platform. And wouldn’t it be great to contact them through a medium they are familiar with?

Smarttarget Whatsapp – Contact US Webflow app lets you get back to your customers through WhatsApp. You can talk to your customers and send them promotions directly on their smartphones – relying no more on outdated emails.   

8. Integrately

Think of Integrately as a native Zapier for Webflow. With this app, you can automate your workflows by adding your favorite apps.

From simple tasks like sending a welcome email to a new customer when they sign-up to updating records on new purchases, Integrately lets you automate everything! The UI is user-friendly and has a step-by-step guide to quickly get you up and running.  

9. Common Ninja – All-in-One Widget Suite

Common Ninja is an all-in-one app that packs 50+ no-code widgets for your Webflow site. Design, engagement, animations, utilities, conversions- the list contains all types of widgets.

Here are some of the top Common Ninja – All-in-One Widget Suite widgets:

  • Age Verification – lets you verify your customers’ age for legal reasons.
  • Audio Player – easily add audio to your website
  • Feeds – gather feeds from social platforms into a single attractively designed hub
  • Chats – enables your business to communicate with clients in an easy and accessible manner.
  • Stories – submit engaging stories to immerse your visitors

10. Astroic

Astroic is an invoice printing and bulk product management app for Webflow. 

With Astroic, you can seamlessly manage, edit, and export your products manually or in bulk. Moreover, the app makes invoicing easy, which includes printing and editing.

All-in-all, Astroic is one of the best Webflow apps for startups leaning towards the eCommerce space.

Final Words

Startups usually have to face a lot of roadblocks, especially when it comes to expenses. However, With all the amazing Webflow apps, any business can get a professional-looking website up in no time.

These apps can also make the overall business process simple and automated.


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