The 25 Best Free & Premium Webflow Templates

Today, we’ll share 20 best free & premium Webflow templates to help you create a stunning website. Also, the list includes 5 bonus templates at the end.

What are Webflow Templates?

Webflow templates offer professionally designed website layouts that serve as a launching point for website development. 

Templates include pre-built components, such as headers, footers, and sections, with easily editable placeholder content and styles. 

Cloning templates helps reduce website development time, especially for those without design or coding expertise.

20 Best Webflow Templates

Free Templates

1- User Login & Signup

Security for your users should be your first priority when setting up a Webflow site. And that’s where the User Login & Signup Webflow template by Vault Vision comes in. The cloneable Webflow template instantly adds user management and more:

  • Login and logout for users
  • User registration and signup 
  • Add an Airtable and Stripe integration to your Webflow site
  • Social logins with Apple, Google and Microsoft
  • Passkey logins with FaceID, TouchID and Pin based verification

With Vault Vision’s User Login & Sign-up template, you can easily add user logins to your Webflow site. From passwordless to password-based solutions, it provides all under one roof.

2- Legowerk

Hate pre-defined UX and UI? With Legowerk, you can create wireframe prototypes directly in Webflow – skipping Sketch and Invision.

Legowerk includes features like:

  • Flexbox Grid
  • CMS 
  • Over 100 components
  • Global style guide
  • Reusable symbols
  • Interactions
  • Starter website
  • Response and mobile ready

3- Cards 2.0 – Framework/UI Kit

Are you looking to design the perfect landing page? Say hello to Cards 2.0 – Framework/UI Kit. This template is based on Symbol to help you quickly design or wireframe a beautiful face for your site. 

With Cards 2.0 – Framework/UI Kit, you get:

  • 100+ Symbols 
  • 3 complete landing pages in 2 versions
  • Symbols for sections like Hero, Testimonials, Team, Blog, Pricing, etc.
  • Responsive cards fitting all 4 breakpoints 

4- Heco

The stronger your message, the stronger your brand gets. And with the Heco template, you can create dynamic and creative websites to deliver your message loud and clear!

Pick Heco to create amazing user experiences, more interesting brands, and inner peace.  

5- Prospero Ecommerce UI Kit

Want to create stunning and polished E-commerce Webflow websites? Trust Prospero. It’s a modular Ecommerce UI Kit designed to help customers build sites bound to create solid impact.

Prospero E-commerce UI Kit includes:

  • 80+ sections split into 9 categories like Hero, Blog, etc.
  • 10 sample layouts
  • 2 fully functional templates   

6- Jomor Design

Visuals of your website are your brand’s identity. So why not make them stand out? With Jomor Design’s Webflow template, be ready to amuse yourself with design sorcery.

Over 1,400+ Webflow users favorite Jomor Design. And it’s been seen by 25k people.  

7- Translate Webflow Website

The language barrier is a tough challenge when creating websites. But with the Translate Webflow Website template, it’s a thing of the past.

Translate Webflow Website is a translation UI kit with 14 custom language switchers. And that includes styles like flags, language codes, names, and more.  

8- Sticky on Scroll

Want the elements of your site to stick as your clients scroll down? With Sticky on Scroll, you can get sticky sections without code on your Webflow site.

With Zero custom code, Sticky on Scroll lets you seamlessly insert sticky sections for free!

9- NSIDE Cloneable CMS Template

Are you creating an agency or a studio website? Look no further than NSIDE Cloneable CMS Template.

NSIDE is a multi-purpose template that mainly emphasizes images by incorporating a simple three-column structure.

This template includes the following:

  • 6 static pages
  • 5 CMS pages
  • Cool mega menu
  • 3 utility pages 

10- Relume Timeline Cloneable

Do you want to communicate a process, workflow, product roadmap, or company history without boring the audience? Use the Reluma Timeline Cloneable template.

Relume Animated Timeline looks beautiful and goes easy on the person interacting with it – win-win.

11- Avocado – Webflow UI Kit

Avocado is one of the leading free Webflow user-interface kit templates. From buttons to interactions, this kit features many elements that you can use to give your site a fantastic look & feel. 

12- 20 CSS Button Hover Styles

20 CSS Button Hover Styles pack advanced, intuitive, and supreme-looking hover styles. You can copy and modify to give them your personal touch or use them as-is. 

13- GSAP Scrolltrigger Tutorial

Fancy a new scroll animation for your Webflow website? You’ll love the GSAP Scrolltrigger Tutorial template by Timothy Ricks.

This scroll animation is sweet, minimal, and super-smooth, giving your website a new vision. 

14- Pitch Webflow Rebuild

Inspired by the old design of Pitch (a collaborative presentation software for teams), Pitch Webflow Rebuild is a non-affiliated version of it.

Three pages are available with Pitch Webflow Rebuild, home, about, and blog. You can use this template to give your site a killer look. 

15- T.RICKS Menu + Slider

T.RICKS Menu + Slider focuses on the 180-degree curved view of showing the stills. This template comes with a menu and slider that you can add to your website by clicking a single button. 

Premium Templates

16- Authority

Authority is one of the best premium consulting website templates for freelancers. The template’s bold, beautiful, and easy layout lets your business stand out.

For $49, Authority includes:

  • Optimized layouts
  • Contact form
  • Utility pages
  • Page interactions
  • Free template updates
  • Blog posts template (CMS)
  • Web fonts, CSS Grind, Symbols, and more

17- Sculptor

Set up your online courses and lesson plans platform with Sculptor. This template contains a clean & responsive design with membership tiers to help create an awesome & smooth hub that works on any device.

Sculptor comes with the following features for just $79:

  • CMS
  • Retina Ready
  • Custom interactions
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Free support
  • Fast loading speed   

18- Resturanto

Designed specifically for eatery businesses, Resturanto is jam-packed with features. Whether you own a cafe or a burger chain, you can easily customize the multi-purpose template to fit your brand’s uniqueness.

Resturanto is available for $49 and packs the following punches:

  • 4 different unique menus
  • Clean, sleek, premium, and modern website layout
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO-friendly
  • Social media integration
  • Reservation form   

19- Preload

Preload is a futuristic template based on the vibe of cyberpunk, neon, glitch, vaporwave, and retro wave. Best suited for creative creators, this template catches all the right attention thanks to its modern layout. 

Preload is fully customizable, easy to use, and has built-in SEO optimization. Other features of this beautiful template are: 3D transformers, CMS, media lightbox, ready-to-use pages, etc.

20- Reuse

Based on award-winning design concepts, Reuse is made from scratch that features top-notch animations and smooth transitions. This template is ideal for startup businesses, digital agencies, portfolio showcases, and design studios. Also, you get the Figma file!

Priced at $49, Reuse provides:

  • Advanced and super-smooth interactions
  • Background video support
  • Responsive design and navigation
  • 100% customizable options
  • Global symbols, fonts, color palettes, etc.

5 Bonus Webflow Templates

1- Multi-Step Form

Created with the Webflow slider component, Multi-Step Form is a beautiful step-by-step short form.

2- MailMaker

MailMaker is a free SaaS template geared towards SMS & email marketing startups.

3- Nursing 128

Nursing 128 is a premium template for $79 made explicitly for medical care and nursing websites. 

4- Outliers 

Stand out from the crowd using Outlier, a premium template boasting impressive interactions, minimalist style, and CMS collections.

5- Sasify

Streamline your workflow and boost productivity with Sasify, a SaaS website template available for just $79.

Final Words

There you have it. The above 25 Webflow templates will help as a launch point for your website development venture.

But don’t forget about securing your users with Vault Vision’s no-code passwordless solutions. We offer easy, fast, and secure logins for various platforms, including Webflow.

Book a free trial of our Launch and Growth Plan at Vault Vision without entering your credit card!    

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