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Social Login Authentication – More Secure Than Passwords

Age is catching up with password-based authentication; it’s not secure anymore.

As per GoodFirms, 30% of respondents in our survey reported a security breach due to weak passwords.

That’s where Social Login Authentication comes in.

Commonly called Sign-in with Google, Sign-in with Apple, Sign-in with Facebook, Sign-in with Microsoft. And also 3rd party OIDC authentication.

Social Login authentication provides a win-win situation for both businesses and users. It lets customers and companies easily manage a secure, frictionless, and easy sign-up/login route.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s learn more about Social Login authentication.  

What’s Social Login Authentication

Also known as social sign-in/sign-on, Social Login allows customers to register/log in to a service via an existing third-party social platform. Users can seamlessly and securely enter a new service without creating or remembering new credentials.

Social Login authentications not only make things easy for customers but for companies as well. They don’t have to separately manage, secure and curate the database of their customers.

As a business, users can use their Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc., accounts to log in or sign up for your service. No hassle on their or your end, just a single tap to Sign-Up/Log-In from Apple/Google/Microsoft, and everything is set & done.

Are Users Willing to Switch to Social Login?

According to a Web Hosting Buzz survey, 86% of users report reluctance when creating new website accounts.      

Why will a user deny simple and efficient access to a new service? They can get on board by simply utilizing an existing social media account—no more setting passwords and remembering credentials. 

Not only do your customers and users want to use a social login option, but 52% have used it, as per Insights from Consumer Reach by Janrain + Blue.

From the user’s perspective, the grass is looking green. But does that also reflects for business owners? 

4 Reasons Why Businesses Must Use Social Login Authentication

Seamless Experience

Allowing users to utilize their favorite social media platform to sign up or log in eliminates the friction. Instead of building an identification service from scratch, integrating social login gives businesses a breathing space. 

65% of consumers agree they are more likely to return to a website that automatically welcomes them through social login.

All authentication requirements are handled by the respective platforms resulting in saving time and resources. No need to hire developers to fine-tune the model of your website’s login and signup.  

As for customers, they just need to click on a single button to complete the sign-up or log-in stage of your service successfully. 

More Secure = Peace of Mind

Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc., have millions of users. And to secure their users, they implement world-class security practices to avoid data breaches.

We believe it’s safe to say they are more qualified to safeguard user data than your business. So, why not join them?  

As a business owner, you won’t have the same security incentives as the giant social media outlets. But you can take advantage of them by incorporating social login to your website/app.

Knowing that your service authentication relies on companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, you’ll have peace of mind. Also, your clients will feel more safe.     

Customers Trust Social Media Platforms

Consumers feel more comfortable communicating with social media platforms than any other website. So, why not utilize it for your company’s benefit?

Allowing your customers to sign in with their social media will eliminate the risk of them abandoning your website. This is simply because the social platforms will act as a sign of trust, recognition, and uniformity. 

Streamlined Data Collection

Does your organization use user data to personalize their experience and find insights? If yes, social login authentication is a reliable way to streamline data collection.

It will be less technical for your developers to access user data via their trusted identity providers. Moreover, your users can easily inspect and edit their shared data—a win for both parties. 

Integrating Social Login Authentication with Vault Vision

Are you still thinking about social login authentication? Well, it’s time to act! We welcome you at Vault Vision to seamlessly integrate Social Login to your company’s website or app – why not both?

At Vault Vision, we help enterprises, businesses, and startups worldwide to integrate social login authentication. 

With our fast-track no-code integration setups, you can save time and focus on your business. Copy-paste the code, use preconfigured setups, or kick things off with our specialized starter kits.

We don’t use third-party scripts, SDKs, or trackers to eliminate the slightest risk of security breaches. This way, the social login authentication integrity remains intact & super secure.

You can use our social login authentication and other advanced methods on all the major platforms, frameworks, and apps. This includes Webflow, React, Python, Zapier, Node, and the list goes on.  

Final Words 

Social Login authentication is a reliable, efficient, and robust way to get your customers on board. Use it on your app or website to deliver a seamless experience, peace of mind, customer trust, and streamlined data collection.

That said, Vault Vision is a no-code startup that provides a fast, easy, and secure way to adopt social login authentication for your business. Start your free trial of our Professional Plan today without entering your credit card details.

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