passkey Phishing Attacks User Authentication

Secure Your User Authentication with Mobile Passkeys

Vault Vision has done the heavy lifting of integrating the latest passkey, FIDO, and WebAuthn technologies to remove passwords. We are every developer’s friend! In as little as a day, our authentication platform can easily integrate in every app or website. The Vault Vision user authentication platform has developed and integrated twenty of the latest security controls and protections, going toe-to-toe with even the most established providers at a fraction of their cost and complexity.

Go ahead, celebrate!

Vault Vision’s platform turns mobile phones in everyone’s hand into a fast, easy, and secure way to securely access their accounts. If you own or develop an application or website, we can help you get rid of passwords and let your users login with their face, fingerprint, or pin just as easy as they unlock their phones.

New Technology, Old Hat

As a website owner or app developer, passkey technology is already, or soon to be, on your browsers and/or on the mobile os. With the right software platform like Vault Vision, you can authenticate your users just as they do to get into and use their phones or devices.

Advanced security technology now makes it possible for your app’s logins to be as easy as using an iPhone or Android and eliminate the growing threat of phishing completely. Don’t lose out to your competition that offers smoother, faster, and secure logins. Vault Vision’s security and FastAuth technology helps you implement a login solution faster to register more users, growing your business by giving them the flexibility and security that meets the modern needs of today’s consumer. Integrate with Vault Vision and turn your user authentication into a competitive advantage!

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