Passkey Authentication 101: What Developers Should Know About Passkeys

Google and Apple have recently implemented passkey authentication technology, in an industry collected effort to make life easier and more secure for users. -Let me repeat… Apple and Google are agreeing on something. The whole world needs to celebrate and restart their pacemakers.

With these recent well-known adopters, it is safe to say that app developers need to have both iOS and Android passkeys implemented quickly, before their users turn up the heat and demand support. Websites and servers that support both iOS and Android clients have more motivation to adopt passkeys, since the credentials will have the same requirements for servers.

Adding support for passkeys means adding WebAuthn authentication abilities to your server and using either Apple’s or Google’s APIs for user authentication in your application. Vault Vision makes adding server support super simple — you’ll be up and running in minutes.

But to help you understand the hows and whats of passkeys, we’ve compiled a 101-style infographic to give you some basic knowledge.

Vault Vision has the authentication tools, enterprise security infrastructure, direct dev to dev real-time support channels and access to authentication experts you need to get started with passkey authentication quickly and securely. To learn more or to take a test drive, check out the Vault Vision sandbox and see for yourself how it works!

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