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App Developers: How to Meet Apple App Store Requirements Now

App Developers: If you want to list your application on the Apple App Store, Apple has some requirements.

Apple App Store Requirements

If you are listing your application on the Apple App Store, Apple will require that if you allow ‘Sign In’ with other providers like Google and Microsoft, you must also include a ‘Sign In with Apple’ option that is equal in size and position.


Prominently display a Sign in with Apple button. Make a Sign in with Apple button no smaller than other sign-in buttons, and avoid making people scroll to see the button.

As you can see below, with the Vault Vision platform, you can now easily meet that requirement and accommodate Apple account users and get them signed-up with your app instantly.

Vault Vision Has Apple Account Login Capability

You asked, we listened and now your users are able to login to your site with the added option of using their Apple account when you use Vault Vision as your auth provider.

Get started with integrating the Vault Vision authentication platform today. Apple, passkey, Google, or Microsoft -your users can have their pick of convenient and secure logins!

Getting Started is Easy