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Top 8 Bubble No Code Plugins for Startups

No code platforms empower non-technical individuals to build full-fledged apps & websites in no time. And according to Zapier, 90% of no-code users believe their company grew faster due to no-code usage.

No-code movement is on a constant rise. As per Gartner, 70% of new apps developed by organizations will use less-code or no-code technologies. 

This article depicts a popular no-code platform, Bubble – a perfect place for startups to build their websites and apps. Further, it entails Bubble no code plugins and rounds up the top 8 for new ventures. 

What’s Bubble

Bubble lets its users with no technical background create interactive and advanced apps for web browsers and desktops. Without a single piece of code, Bubble lets businesses build:

  • Marketplaces
  • Dashboards
  • CRMs 
  • Social networks
  • SaaS apps

It is used by over 2.7 million users worldwide. From startups to enterprise-grade businesses and creative individuals, everyone uses Bubble to design, develop and run their digital products minus coding technicalities.    

What are Bubble no code plugins?

Bubble’s core functionality is limited. But with plugins, you can extend it to add new elements, actions, and API connections.

Bubble offers two types of plugins:

  • Official: Created, supported, and updated by the company 
  • Community-created: Build by the 2.7m+ and growing community of Bubble  

Top 8 Bubble No Code Plugins for Start Ups

Here are the top 8 Bubble no-code plugins to kick-start your business in the right direction:

1. Vault Vision

About 60% of small businesses and startups shut down within 6 months after their first security breach or cyberattack. That’s why security is necessary for your venture. 

Vault Vision has only one aim, making passwordless auth & logins easy, fast, secure, and accessible to all startups.

With Vault Vision’s plugin snippet, you can add multiple secure-auth & login features to your app

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Passkey – FaceID, Fingerprint and Pin
  • Universal TOTP
  • FIDO USB key
  • Certified OpenID
  • Google, Microsoft & Apple Integrations

Vault Vision supports Bubble by providing a pre-configured setup to help you easily add authentication across your app. 

2. Slack

Around 18 million people use Slack daily. With Bubble’s official Slack plugin, people in your startup can interact with your workspace within the Bubble app.

Bubble’s Slack plugin allows you to:

  • Directly log in with Slack 
  • Post messages
  • Set reminders
  • And more using Bubble workflows

3. Google Analytics

To understand your startup audience, you must track them. And that leads to gaining insights and making appropriate changes.

With the Google Analytics plugin, you can easily track visits on your app and get a detailed understanding for free.

With the no-code promise, adding Google Analytics to your Bubble app/site is easy. All you have to do is visit the marketplace and simply add the plugin.

4. Ionic Elements

Ionic is a library of elements especially made for mobile experiences in native apps.

With Ionic Elements, you can do the following:

  • Access an extensive library of mobile-friendly icons
  • Edit icon colors
  • Start/edit workflow 
  • Provide iPhone-like toggle, checkbox, and slider input

With Ionic Elements, constructing a mobile-first app or website with Bubble gets seamless and handy. 

5. SelectPDF

Relying on separate software to generate PDFs is not a viable solution for any growing business. That’s where SelectPDF comes in.

SelectPDF is an official plugin by Bubble that makes PDFing super convenient. The plugin allows you to generate free invoices, letters, and other documents.

SelectPDF includes the following functions:

  • Set file name, URL type, page, data to send, and destination URL
  • Define page size, orientation, margin, and render type
  • Choose the rendering engine, min load time, and more 

6. Braintree

Braintree is a PayPal service available on Bubble as a plugin to help your startup charge customers easily.

With the Braintree plugin on your Bubble app, charging your customers using their credit cards or PayPal accounts is simple. This plugin also supports Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and more.

Create your account on Braintree, install its plugin on your service, log in, and go live to charge your customers without hassle.

7. Localize Translation

Customers prefer localized content, which your startup can use to its advantage. According to a survey, 73% of customers prefer to purchase from a site that provides info in their own language. 

Backed by Localize.js, Localize Translation is a no-code translation management plugin. By adding it to your Bubble website, you can translate your website into over 100 languages in minutes.

Localize Translation can translate:

  • Web app
  • UI
  • Website
  • Help docs
  • Emails
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • And much more 

8. Zapier

Lastly, we have Zapier – an automation plugin that needs no introduction. Officially available on Bubble, the Zapier plugin lets you connect to over 2,000 web services to make automatic connections.

You can set up automated connections, known as Zaps, in no time. With no coding, you can set a trigger like a visit from a new IP address. And then set appropriate actions like popping a discount code, registering the user in your database, etc.

Final Words

Your business is growing, and you need maximum resources to make it bigger. With Bubble and its plugins, your technical needs are covered. You no longer need a team of developers to build an amazing website or app.

Furthermore, with Vault Vision’s plugin snippet, you can make your Bubble site secure and passwordless. Our no-code platforms strive to provide startups with easy, fast, and safe authentication solutions.  

Start your free plan today to make your site secure and more functional. And the best thing is you don’t have to enter your credit card details to experience the magic of Vault Vision. 


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