passkey Phishing Attacks User Authentication

Authenticate Your Users With Passkey Logins Now

You have an amazing website but are you logging your users in only the old fashioned way? No problem.. working with Vault Vision to update your login page is easy with FastAuth! In a few and easy steps, you can add our passkey login platform to your website or application in minutes.

Passkey logins are relatively new but not hard to use. In-fact, passkey logins are the easiest and fastest way to login. Users login to YOUR site with their face or finger id -just like they do their cellphone. Amazing, right?! They already know how to do it, they just need to be able to do it on your site. So give the people what they want! And with the newest adopters of passkeys like Apple, Google, and PayPal (you may have heard of them?), you will see more websites rushing to offering this revolutionary technology. Why can’t it be you?

Add more trust with your branding

Your application users will see only your brand logo, your website url, and here’s how it works:

  1. Your user starts from your website where they click your login button, as usual.
  2. Your login button brings them to our platform where they use our passkey technology to get into your site.
  3. Boom they’re logged in on your application and are ready for business!

Bottom Line: Standout and build trust with your application users with the fastest and safest login and authentication experience. So lead the way for your users and be the envy of your competition. Get a passkey login for your website or application today!

Getting Started is Easy