About Vault Vision
Vault Vision’s technology has been built by security industry veterans. Our founding team is former executives and engineers from SaaS technology brands such as GoDaddy, Acronis, Yext & more.
Meet our amazing team!
Harnessing the magic of imagination, tempered with a healthy dose of pragmatism. Our team has been working together building products for over ten years.
Neil Proctor
Chief Executive Officer
Coding since 1985 on a Timex Sinclair ZX81. Managing and leading web scale development projects for 18 years, leader at 2 recent startups and 2 Unicorns (GoDaddy 2002-2015, Acronis 2019-2021)
Raj Nijjer
Chief Marketing Advisor
Expert at building products, Master at building brands. 2+ exits (GoDaddy 2005-2014, Yext 2014-2018, Yotpo 2018-2020, Refersion 2021-2022)
Chris Stockton
Founding Engineer
Chief Architect
Virtuoso who has been building clouds and internet scale solutions for 18 years. 10x engineer (iPower 2003-2005, GoDaddy 2005-2021)